Privacy Policy Stuff

Prepare yourself for some technical jargon.

It’s not fun, but it must be done (like how I rhymed there?).

Affiliate Programs

My goal with this blog is to help fellow musicians, not sell products. I don’t base articles on trying to sell something.

That being said, I do promote products I use and love and some of them offer kickbacks for me. Any benefit I get from these partners goes right back into the blog.

So you might see affiliate links from these companies:

  • Evernote (I use this exclusively for songwriting)
  • LANDR (I master all my music through them)
  • Simple (my bank account for music income)
  • Bandzoogle (my official website builder)
  • MailChimp (I use them for this blog’s monthly emails)
  • Dropbox (I use this for storing/sharing songs with fellow musicians)
  • Honey (I have the Chrome plugin that auto-finds discounts for online shopping)
  • WordPress products (this blog runs on WP)
  • The Six Figure Freelance Writer (I took this course to help my freelance writing career)

Personal Data Collected (Gasp!)

This sounds scary, but every single website you visit collects this type of data.

The type of data WordPress collects has to do with analytics:

  • WordPress Stats
  • Cookies
  • Usage Data

I don’t collect any other personal info, except when you subscribe to my email list. When you sign up, you’re basically giving me permission to send you emails (that I hope add value to your musical endeavors).

Contact Information

Caleb J. Murphy

Musician With A Day Job