How To License Your Music: Everything You Need To Know

Sync licensing is all the rage right now. Musicians are flocking to it.

And for good reason.

You can make bank by licensing your music. And you can do it all while creating music at home.

So in this guide, I’m going to cover how to license your music, my experience with sync licensing, and answer the most common questions on the topic.

You’ll also notice helpful quotes sprinkled throughout this post. These are from fellow musicians who are succeeding at licensing their music.

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The One Thing More Important Than Success

Success is cool and all, but it’s overrated.

It can be dangerous, and it’s not even the most important thing for us musicians to focus on.

Yeah, I said it.

And I want to point out some problems with the common idea of success and talk about the single most important thing.

The thing more important than success.

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What Can A Publishing Rights Organization Do For You?

Royalties can be freakin’ confusing sometimes.

And I think that’s why a lot of songwriters are not registered with a Publishing Rights Organization (aka a PRO). It’s overwhelming and hard to understand.

So in this post, I hope to clear things up a bit by asking the question, “What can a PRO do for you?”

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5 Non-Salesy Ways To Do Music Promotion

Music promotion is so tough.

I say this a lot, but I don’t like being salesy or promote-y. It feels fake and I’m not good at it.

So I did some brainstorming and came up with five creative ways we musicians can get our music out into the world without feeling like a sketchy used car salesman.

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Jumpstart Your Music Career: Start A Blog

In today’s music industry, it’s difficult to be an indie musician who just does one or two things.

Because musicianship is more accessible than ever, it takes someone really special to stand out from the crowd. That’s why so many DIYers do more than just write, record, and perform their songs.

Many of them start a blog — and many are very successful at it.

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