Yes, you can be a successful part-time musician…

Musician With A Day Job

I’m guessing you have big plans for your music. 

Full-time musician.

Part-time producer.

Songwriter looking to share your music with the world.

The problem is, many of us part-time musicians think we need more. We think if only we had more time and an unlimited budget, we’d be able to “hit it big.”

But you don’t need hours upon hours. You don’t need loads of cash. You can record decent music with thrift store recording equipment.

You can do it. Wherever you are. Whatever you have. You can make music.

And that’s the point of this blog: to help you realize money, equipment, recording space, and time do not determine your success.

You do.

You can be a musician with a day job — a great artist and a regular person.

So are you ready to get started? I am.

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