How To License Your Music: Everything You Need To Know

Sync licensing is all the rage right now. Musicians are flocking to it.

And for good reason.

You can make bank by licensing your music. And you can do it all while creating music at home.

So in this guide, I’m going to cover how to license your music, my experience with sync licensing, and answer the most common questions on the topic.

You’ll also notice helpful quotes sprinkled throughout this post. These are from fellow musicians who are succeeding at licensing their music.

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How To Find Musician Jobs On Upwork

Yes, there are paying jobs for musicians out there.

You just have to know where and how to find them.

And I’m going to show you how to find those musician jobs…using a website called Upwork.

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What Can A Publishing Rights Organization Do For You?

Royalties can be freakin’ confusing sometimes.

And I think that’s why a lot of songwriters are not registered with a Publishing Rights Organization (aka a PRO). It’s overwhelming and hard to understand.

So in this post, I hope to clear things up a bit by asking the question, “What can a PRO do for you?”

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7 Tips On How To Conquer DIY Musicianship

I hate when people tell me what to do or think.

So this post isn’t going to be an attempt at mind control. This post is meant to be suggestions for helping you succeed as a DIY musician.

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How To Make Money As A Musician In 2019

In today’s music industry, you don’t have any excuses to not be making money as a musician. And neither do I.

Whether you prefer to play live shows or stay in the studio, there are ways moola can come streaming in.

So here’s how to make money as a musician in 2019 (16 ways!).

Updated December 10, 2019

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