How To Make Money As A Musician In 2019

In today’s music industry, you don’t have any excuses to not be making money as a musician. And neither do I.

Whether you prefer to play live shows or stay in the studio, there are ways moola can come streaming in.

So here’s how to make money as a musician in 2019 (16 ways!).

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3 Of The Best (And Cheapest) Microphones For Home Recording

I’m a cheap guy. I hate spending money, but I also want quality.

So it’s tough when it comes to getting the right microphones for my home recording studio.

My microphones (via Instagram)

Whether you’re a novice engineer or a more accomplished producer, these mics can work for you.

So here are three microphones I’ve recorded with, all reasonably priced.

Audio-Technica AT2035 — $150

Audio recording

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The Audio-Technica AT2035 was my first mic. I’ve used this to record all of my music — it’s been a solid friend for me.

This mic records out of just the one side of itself (aka cardioid or uni-directional). It’s a large diaphragm condenser mic, which means it will make your instrument sound bigger, more engaging, and really just more beautiful and professional.

This mic is good for vocals or acoustic guitar (as I can attest to).

Bluebird — $300

Audio recording

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The Bluebird is also a large diaphragm cardioid mic, but this one gets a way better sound than the AT2035. It picks up a clear and defined sound that’s still super warm. This one is also great for vocals and guitar.

I have to admit, I don’t actually own this one — I borrow my friend’s. But $300 is a great price for what you get.

Shure SM58 — $100

audio recording

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The SM58 is like the loyal friend who’s always there for you. People use this mic for live performances, but it’s also good in the studio.

You can pretty much use it on any instrument — guitar, vocals, drums. It’s all about testing it out to see what it sounds good recording in the room you’re in. For just a $100, it’s a great investment (that I should really make).

Have you used any of these mics? What do you think of them? Let me down in the comments…

Album Review: Allen Stone’s “Radius”

Returning with another nearly unfiltered soul-funk album, Allen Stone presents Radius, which came out May 26.

He doesn’t seem to filter how he’s irked about America and our current society, and he should have no reason to add effects to his Stevie-Wonder-like voice.

“Nowadays, studios manipulate it,” he told the Seattle Times. “It’s like the photo of the girl you see on the magazine. It’s a nice representation of the girl, but it’s not the girl. That’s what records are nowadays.”

This record feels more like my actual voice.

– Allen Stone


I embedded Perfect World above because I think it should be your first impression of this album and him. The rest of the record is available pretty much anywhere you can think of, including YouTube.

“It’s a record I’m really proud of,” he said. “I think my last record felt more like a soul-throwback revue, and maybe I was paying homage to people that I loved while growing up. This record feels more like my actual voice.”

 My Rating:

♦ – One of my current favorites

o – Worth a listen

o – It was okay

o – Not recommended, but go ahead, it’s a free country

o – Stay away