How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio In Any Space

Basements. Bedrooms. Garages. Sheds. All places that musicians use as home recording studios.

And that’s how it should be.

Some experts may tell you to turn your bedroom into a studio by soundproofing the walls, replacing the carpet with hardwood floors, lay some rugs down, and buy super expensive sound treatment things.

Just ignore them. This can be way simpler than that.

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The Most Important Things To Know About Using Headphones

Like many studio rats, I spend a lot of time wearing headphones. Recording, editing, mixing — you know the drill.

But sometimes I wonder — are my headphones too loud? Should I be concerned about my hearing?

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4 Tools To Help You Learn Guitar On Your Own

So you’re on the path to learning guitar. That’s great. I want to help.

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Reviewing My Own Recording Equipment

I plan to review a bunch of recording equipment on this blog in hopes that I can help you in your buying decisions.

And I thought it would make sense to start with the stuff I own and use every day.

So here goes — my reviews of each piece of equipment/software I use to record.

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