Artist Introduction: Aaron Espe

After Aaron Espe leaned on computers to do his bidding with “Three,” which is tagged as “folktronic” on Bandcamp, he brought it back to his laid-back acoustic style with “Tennessee Sky” and, more recently, “Safe Enough to Wander.”

He never left behind his catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, which were so prominent in one of my favorite albums “Songs From A Small Town.”

He’s now working with Grammy-winning engineer Brian Joseph (Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens) on his new album, which will involve a chamber choir.

In addition to his solo career, he fronts the duo Bombs Over Nowhere and released an EP with Michael Ayars under the band name Haviland.

Using my highly-developed, complicated scoring system, I give Espe’s music a rating of:

0 – One of my current favorite artists

♦ – Worth a listen for sure

0 – He’s okay

o – Not recommended, but go ahead, it’s a free country

o – Stay away…seriously

o – You’re still reading this?