Bandcamp Review: Social Media For Music?

Bandcamp has revamped itself with a social-media-like feature. But do we need another social media platform?

No, we don’t need more social media.

But Bandcamp is like social media for musiciaisn and music lovers (music is the universal language after all).

Here are three reasons why it works so well as a social medium (on top of being a place to sell your music online).

Music Feed

Picture your Facebook newsfeed, but every post is streamable music.

When someone you follow buys an album on Bandcamp, it appears in your Music Feed along with their review. Likewise, when I buy an album, you’ll see it in your feed if you follow me.


Screenshot 2016-03-12 09.28.11 Screenshot 2016-03-12 09.27.53


If I had to pick a favorite social media platform, it would be Reddit. I can follow and converse with people without the need for or pressure to get followers or following my followers back.

That’s how it is in Bandcamp’s Music Feed — follow people, follow artists, hear music. No Friend requests, no Pokes. Just music.

Collection /  Wishlist

When you hear an album or a song you like, buy it and it appears in your Collection.


Screenshot 2016-03-12 09.44.34

Want to bookmark an album to listen to it later? Add it to your Bandcamp Wishlist.


Screenshot 2016-03-12 09.45.30


See what I mean?

If you want to see it in action, check out my Bandcamp profile here and my music here.

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