Should You Record In Mono Or Stereo?

Here’s a common question among beginner producers: should I record in mono or stereo?

Audio recording
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It’s a good question; one that all music-makers should know the answer to.

In an article I wrote for MIDI Lifestyle, I broke down the meaning, benefits, and best applications for both options.

By the end of this article, you’ll find yourself bettered as a producer and you’ll surely be able to make the best decision.

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How To Make Vocals Sound Professional

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When it comes to recording, there is one thing that makes the professionals stick out from the amateurs:


In this article, we’ll be ​focusing on mixing vocals.

The first and maybe most important tip is to get a good sound before mixing.

Getting the best sounding recording of your vocals is the foundation of everything that follows.

Don’t move on until you’re happy with the quality. You can’t expect to just fix it in the mix.

Mixing is not a bandage — it’s a polish.

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