Watch This Composer Play His Thingamajig

Say this five times fast: Koka Nikoladze.

Okay, it’s actually not that hard.

But what must’ve been hard was making an instrument made of decks of cards, a half full soda bottle, and other little trinkets.

But that’s exactly what the composer Koka Nikoladze did.

Koka describes the above contraption like this:

“Koka’s beat machines are electromechanical musical instruments, which are programmable and produce different kinds of rhythmic and melodic patterns.”

Koka is a Georgian composer based in Norway. And he makes some pretty wacky (but fascinating) instruments and thingamajigs. Check out his other videos here.

He started out as a violinist and composer, with programming and tech development skills. He says that “the will of creating is one of the most dominant human instincts…”

Koka Nikoladze (photo via Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation)