Music In My Earholes: More Beat Music

Even though I’ve already done a Beats Edition of Music In My Earholes, I have to do another. Rhythm-y music has been my jam lately.

Please enjoy…

Kings Kaleidoscope

KK is a rhythm-loving rock band that intersperses beautiful string and trumpet arrangements.

A.D. Carson

Instead of writing a dissertation like every other doctoral student, Carson decided to rap his. This album is what he ended up with.


This beat-maker is tastier than the drink of the same name, and smoother too. Perfect working music.


If you like Kiefer, you’ll love Mounika., a French DJ who lays on the suave thick.

Main photo is rapper A.D. Carson

Kings Kaleidoscope: Dual Drummers and Dual Horns

With two drummers and a mini horn section, these guys have a seriously unique sound within the monotone, pre-molded template that is Christian music.

This entourage is led by a passionate singer, Chad Gardner, and they combine a solid message with thought-out lyrics and practiced arrangements.

And they get a score of…

♦ – One of my current favorites

o – Worth a listen

0 – It was okay

o – Not recommended, but go ahead, it’s a free country

o – Stay away