What Songwriters Can Learn From Annoying Pop Music

Is pop music getting more annoying?

Your answer to this question may be a resounding, non-hesitating, “Yes!” And I’m with you. Pop music nowadays can be really repetitive, uninteresting, and just irritating.

But even though it feels like pop music is more annoying than it used to be, is that actually true? And can the rest of us learn something from pop music?

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Should Music Be A Product Or A Service?

I conducted a poll on Twitter to see how musicians view their own music — service or product?

The results were overwhelmingly “product,” not “service.” I wondered if this was how most people actually view the music they make…

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Bieber vs. White Hinterland

Indie artist White Interland is suing Justin Bieber over his song “Sorry,” saying that Bieber and his producers copied “original, protectable elements of the musical composition” of her song “Ring the Bell” and “unlawfully sampled” her song.

Check out the two songs next to each other:

In terms of the lawsuit, though, Skrillex’s tweet (below) pretty much proves that Bieber and co. didn’t sample White Hinterland’s song. Which makes it even more fascinating how similar these two intros are.

This reminds me of the Aloe Blacc vs. Elton John situation.

The takeaway here: sometimes two artists separately come up with very similar musical parts. There’s nothing new under the sun, not really.

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Music In My Ears: Jon Batiste, Allen Stone, John Mayer, Justin Bieber

I haven’t been listening to a whole lot of music lately. But below is the good stuff I’ve encountered. In order from favorite to not-as-favorite.

Jon Batiste – cover of Blackbird

One-word description: beautiful

Allen Stone – Voodoo

One-word description: Mmhmm…

John Mayer – Wildfire

One-word description: campfire

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

One-word description: catchy