How To Make Money As A Musician In 2019

In today’s music industry, you don’t have any excuses to not be making money as a musician. And neither do I.

Whether you prefer to play live shows or stay in the studio, there are ways moola can come streaming in.

So here’s how to make money as a musician in 2019 (16 ways!).

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Dear Musician, Watch A Video Of Yourself Performing

I promise I don’t sit around watching videos of myself performing. 

But sometimes the videos just end up in front of my face. And I don’t regret it.

My wife and I recently held a fundraising event for our adoption fund — we had an art auction and my band and I played the music. The weather was perfect, we had a nice sound system and a helpful sound guy, tons of people came, and there were no glaring issues.

But then my wife showed me a video of us performing my song “Play A Little.” And, man, my voice was so flat.

I’m not looking for reassuring compliments and I’m not being fakely humble. I actually hear the flatness in a lot of my notes.

This is a common occurrence after I play a show — someone will post a video of us playing, I’ll watch it, and quickly turn it off when I hear how off my voice gets at points.

For example, at this concert, we jumped into the bridge of “Be Like Friends,” and the note I hit was WAY off. I couldn’t find the right melody, so I said, “Let’s just skip this part of the song,” and we moved on to the verse as people laughed.

Now, some people might think watching a video of yourself is egotistical, and they’d be right — it can be. But it might not be. It depends on your motive. Ask yourself: why am I watching this video of myself?

For me, I wouldn’t know how to improve my singing, stage presence, or guitar playing if I don’t look at things realistically.

And that’s what videos provide — a dose of reality.

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If I hadn’t seen this video (or the many videos before this one), I would go on thinking my voice sounded flawless and that we just put on the most amazing performance that people will be talking about for years, telling their children and grandchildren about the time they saw Caleb J. Murphy the Great.


That’s why musicians (like me) should watch videos of themselves performing. Not to build their ego but to break down their often false perception of themselves.

That way, they can begin to rebuild, strengthening their performance skills.

5 Ways To Make Money With Music Without Leaving Home

For some artists, touring for weeks and being away from family is easy. Not so for me.

That’s why I try to make money with music and with writing, all without leaving my house (or town).

If you’d like to explore this too, here are five tips for making money from home as a musician.

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This Is Why Live Music Will Never Die

Nothing will ever replace the live concert.

There’s nothing like being in the same room as your favorite artist, breathing the same air, singing the same song with the band and the people around you.

Live concerts are somewhat like the movement of the 8-track to the cassette tape to the CD-ROM to the MP3. This movement of the 8-track to the MP3 is an adaptive evolution.

Although live concerts will never dwindle and lose their popularity like the 8-track or the cassette tape, they will adapt and change.

House shows are the next stage in the evolution process of live concerts. With artists like Derek Webb playing house shows more frequently and organizations and Concerts In Your Home encouraging them, house shows are growing in popularity.

House shows are much more intimate than the big venue atmosphere. House shows have a limited capacity, therefore allowing real conversation before, during and after the concert. This is a positive for both the artist and the fan.

I still don’t believe the big venue concert will ever leave, or even become less popular. Some bands are just meant for those types of venues (and other bands are not).

But house concerts will continue gaining popularity.

Moses & Meg and their band