9 Songwriting Tools To Help Maximize Your Time And Creativity

I want to bust a myth about songwriting.

The length of the writing session doesn’t matter.

It’s more about applying yourself and having the right songwriting tools.

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Google Drive Review: How To Use It As A Songwriting Tool

If Google goes down, my life goes with it.

Seriously, it’s a bit frightening. Almost every app they have, I rely on.

But let me focus on Google Docs/Drive for a moment. I have a ton of lyrics stored on my Drive. And if you’re technologically savvy, it’s a great songwriting tool.

Just watch this video of how these two songwriters used it to make some dope music:

And to give you a completely objective review of Google Drive, here’s my pros and pros list 🙂

The Good About Google Drive

It’s all on the cloud.

No more spilling water on your notebook and losing lyrics. No more “I wish I had my songwriting book with me because I just had an amazing idea that was going to be a hit song!”

Google Drive is accessible from multiple devices. So if you have a phone, you can write a song.

Quick save.

You spill coffee on your laptop. Microsoft Word document gone.

Your computer runs out of battery. Work lost.

Not so with Google Docs – it saves your work every several seconds. Now coffee is your document’s friend (but maybe not your computer’s).

Share your work! 

Need to co-write something (see above video)? Give someone editing powers, and you can be in the Doc at the same time.

Just want their feedback? Allow others to comment.

Want to show off your work but feeling over-protective of it? Simply give others viewing capabilities.

So, Google, please stick around so that I can stick around.

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