The Best Day Jobs For Musicians

Sometimes it can feel like your day job takes away from your music.

It takes up all your time. It drains your energy. It gets in the way.

But is there a way around this? Are there jobs for musicians that allow for more time to do music?

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3 Places To Find Music Online (Where Your Music Should Be)

The way we find music has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. 

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How To Get More Spotify Plays

Online streaming is the new radio. It’s now a huge, prestigious thing to be one of the top streamed artists on Spotify.

It was a big deal that Ed Sheeran beat out Drake as the most played artist on the platform in 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, FM and Sirius radio are still alive and kicking. I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

But if you’re not investing time and effort into succeeding on Spotify and other streaming services, you’re hurting your chances.

So with that in mind, here are four things you can do today to get more plays on Spotify.

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My Favorite Videos On Learning How To Mix

I started learning how to mix music in April 2017. And YouTube was my main teacher.

So I wanted to share the best videos on how to mix music that I’ve found. They have been soooo helpful to me. And I hope they help you.

The Basics Of Mixing Music

This was one of the first videos I watch on mixing. And it really explains the main idea and purpose of mixing.

The guy talks about mixing your song like a band is playing it on a stage, panning and changing the volumes so it sounds like they’re right in front of you.

I would highly suggest starting with this video.

The Basics Of How To Use EQ

This is just a short video of some pro mixing engineers on the importance, use, and misuse of EQ.

How To Mix Vocals

Graham Cochrane from The Recording Revolution puts out tons of super helpful content for DIY musicians. And he simplifies it for beginners, so his videos are the perfect place to start.

This one covers two methods for mixing vocals to sound professional.

How To Mix A Song From Scratch

This video is the first in a 6-part video series called “How To Mix A Song From Scratch.” It’s kind of my mixing bible. I’ve watched each video a couple times and I’m sure I’ll watch them again.

For the complete series, check out all the videos here.

Mixing Vocals To Sit Properly In Your Mix

Warren Huart doesn’t gear his video toward beginners as much as Cochrane, so sometimes the info he shares can be a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting out.

But this video is really helpful, if you have 22 minutes to sit down and watch it. He talks about some more intermediate-level methods and strategies that are pretty useful.

What About You?

Have you seen any good videos on mixing or recording? Post the link(s) in the comments so I can check ’em out.

Once you’ve got a good mix, try out LANDR‘s automated mastering service. You can use my invite link to get $10 when you upgrade to a paid account.