3 Online Music Courses That Can Boost Your Career

If you’re like me, you don’t have a huge budget for music.

So even though going to music college sounds cool, it’s just not feasible.

Fortunately, there’s a great alternative: online music courses.

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This Is Why Live Music Will Never Die

Nothing will ever replace the live concert.

There’s nothing like being in the same room as your favorite artist, breathing the same air, singing the same song with the band and the people around you.

Live concerts are somewhat like the movement of the 8-track to the cassette tape to the CD-ROM to the MP3. This movement of the 8-track to the MP3 is an adaptive evolution.

Although live concerts will never dwindle and lose their popularity like the 8-track or the cassette tape, they will adapt and change.

House shows are the next stage in the evolution process of live concerts. With artists like Derek Webb playing house shows more frequently and organizations and Concerts In Your Home encouraging them, house shows are growing in popularity.

House shows are much more intimate than the big venue atmosphere. House shows have a limited capacity, therefore allowing real conversation before, during and after the concert. This is a positive for both the artist and the fan.

I still don’t believe the big venue concert will ever leave, or even become less popular. Some bands are just meant for those types of venues (and other bands are not).

But house concerts will continue gaining popularity.

Moses & Meg and their band

Are You Selling Out By Not Selling Your Music?

There is such a thing as free legal music. And there seems to be a wave of people, a community per say, that are running with the free music theory and finding success in it.


What seems to be a driving force behind the theory is NoiseTrade.com – a place where free music is mandatory. If you as an artist want to distribute your music through NoiseTrade then it must be free. Derek Webb, the co-founder, explains the ideology:

“When you talk about free music, people who work in the music business will tell you you’ve gone too far.  They’ll say you’re devaluing the art itself, and that once you go there, there is no coming back.  I suppose I would agree if I thought that music’s only value was monetary.  But I don’t.

Music does have monetary value.  But more than its monetary value is its emotional value, its relational value, its artistic value, even its spiritual value.  When you make meaningful connections with people based on artistic self-expression, I think you’re actually increasing the value of that art based on the many ways it’s valued.”  (full post)

Illegally downloading music hurts the music industry. When you are tempted to download illegally, please look for music on websites like NoiseTrade.