Just Do Today

A smart man once said that today is good enough for us. And I agree.

In other words, we shouldn’t get stuck in the past. We can’t live tomorrow today. All we can do is live today today.

All we have right now is right now.

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A Conversation With Composer La Liberte

My friend and fellow musician, La Liberte aka Zachariah Laliberte, sat down with me for an interview several years ago.

We discussed his creative process.

La Liberte
La Liberte aka Zach Laliberte

He said he “clocks in” and “clocks out” of his composer’s mindset. When he shuts the door to his studio, it’s as if he shuts his mind to everything else.

“Those doors are creaky,” he said, “they’re hard to open.”

Here are some quotes from our conversation:

“The actual writing process, getting out a pencil and paper and writing lyrics down, is never fun. I wish it were easier. I wish there were an easier way for me just to get what’s in my head out and record it. I’d rather just focus on the music and have the lyrics show up.”

“The best way I can describe it is triggers. There’s something that goes on in my head, I think in everybody’s mind, that if you see a picture, it makes you think of something. Or if you hear a song it makes you think of some memory or makes you feel something. For me when I’m songwriting, I’ve had songs that just come out of the blue. I make noise all the time. I’m always tapping my fingers, I’m always humming melodies. Every so often you come across something that you think, ‘That could go somewhere.’”

You are not a Creative

It’s true, you’re not a Creative. And neither am I.

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Spark Inspiration With The “Caffeinated Ideas Journal”

Coffee drinkers get things done. Tea drinkers change lives. Caffeinated people change the world. 


Caffeinated Ideas Journal helps caffienateurs generate new ideas by offering the perfect drink to wake up the brain.

It pairs coffee­making instructions with inspiring words from author Lisa McGuinness to help you brainstorm your next invention, story, or what-have-you.

It includes blank pages so you can write, draw, or doodle, just as long as you get your ideas out and down on paper.

If you want to be inspired by French Press Coffee, you’ll see simple steps on how to make it accompanied by a whimsical illustration by New York artist Danielle Kroll.

The book covers espressos and cappuccinos, lattes and Americanos, black tea and chai tea. Ending the book is a “Who’s Who of the Caffeinated Inspired Page,” which lists people like Gary Larson, Bach, and Ralph Waldo Emerson as influencers.

This book encourages you to pick your caffeinated serum and get those idea cogs churning.

Originally published on Wink Books