Music In My Earholes: Dave Moisan, Charles Bradley, And Lucky Chops

Welcome to another session of Music In My Earholes

Dave Moisan

Moisan’s Heavyweight popped up May 27 almost like one of Beyonce’s albums. Despite the surprise release, people were feeling it.

10:21 PM - 27 May 2016
10:21 PM – 27 May 2016

The album sounds troubled like it involves some sad love story. The most obvious example is, “Mr. Right Time”:

You made a list of your Mr. Right,
That was stolen and broken the day I made you mine.
Maybe you miss what you didn’t find.
Was I the one or was I just Mr. Right Time?

Charles Bradley

He once slept on the streets of San Francisco. Now he tours the world as one of the hottest soul singers today.

“When I was living out here, I was homeless,” Bradley said to a crowd of SFers. “I love you, but did you love me back?”

Now he has the stages of San Francisco as his platform, where he can sing things like, “It’s my turn to love and be loved,” as in the song, “Ain’t It A Sin.”

Lucky Chops

This band started out as buskers and hustlers playing small NYC venues. They built “legions” of underground fans from the subways they played. After one South American tourist posted a cell phone video online of the band performing, millions of people watched it within days.

They’ve even got a clear mission statement:

“Armed with the belief that positive music can change the world, Lucky Chops is on a mission to bring life back into the music industry.”

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