What I’ve Been Listening To: Bill Withers and Beautiful Eulogy

He didn’t use auto-tune. He used real instruments. The music is groovy and smoother than something that’s really smooth. And his lyrics are so honest that you feel for this guy.

You can’t get any more real and soulful than Mr. Withers.

In a way that only music can make possible, sad lyrics put to great music can make you happy. And that’s what Just As I Am does for me.

Bill Withers

~ ~ ~

I grew up listening to hip-hop. And I’m talking John Reuben, DC Talk, and a little Carman. So Instruments Of Mercy by Beautiful Eulogy reminded me of my childhood in a way.

Though the music leans toward dark, the band likes to use real instruments, and the beats are more than just a simple boom-chicka-boom-boom. And unlike a lot of rap I hear, the lyrics are solid — well-thought-out and true.

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Beautiful Eulogy