Does Weed Help You Make Better Music?

You’ve heard the theory: “Smoking weed helps you make better music.”

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10 Inspiring Quotes About Music And Life

This article needs no introduction. Here are some perfectly stated quotes about music and life.

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Evidence That Music Helps With Pain (From Bob Marley And Science)

I believe music is therapeutic. I think it can help alleviate pain to some extent.

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Below are a few quotes from scientific studies – and one from Bob Marley – that back me up here.

“Evidence from this review and other reviews suggests music therapy may be considered for clinical use.” Marianne J. E. van der Heijden, et el. 2015

“Music might be a simple, safe, and effective method of reducing potentially harmful physiologic responses arising from pain in patients after open heart surgery.” Nadiye Özer, et al. 2013

“Music intervention is safe, inexpensive and easily used to improve the healing environment for abdominal surgery patients.” Anne Vaajoki, et al. 2011

Music is “safe, inexpensive” and does actually help with the perception of pain.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” -Bob Marley

Dancing Is In Our Blood

My baby starts dancing the second she hears music. No one taught her this. She did this before seeing her parents dance.

A study from 2010 says that babies’ dance moves are probably instinctive. The researchers said that this ability for babies to dance to beats and music “…may operate from an early age in almost automatic ways.”

We have shown that human infants spontaneously display rhythmic motion of their bodies to music,” they concluded.

But why? Why does this happen?

“One possibility is that the involved brain mechanism was a target of natural selection for music,” they said. “Another is that it evolved for some other function that just happens to be relevant for music processing.”

So, we don’t exactly know why.

But the point is, we’re all instinctive dancers. Whether you’re Usher or Napoleon Dynamite, Beyonce or Elaine Benes, dancing is actually ingrained in your DNA.

So to answer your question, Brandon Flowers, we are in fact dancer.