Guitar Lessons

I offer guitar lessons in-person and over the interweb. Free consultation before you start.

“Everyone is ‘musical’ — becoming a musician is simply a matter of learning a skill. You will be worse than some and better than others but you will be a musician.”

— John Powell, How Music Works

Learning guitar shouldn’t be an overwhelming idea.

But to a lot of people (and maybe you), it is.

The method I use is “song by song” — no memorizing scales, no trying to remember the ideas of music theory, no confusing sheet music. We’ll learn the songs you want to learn at your pace.

Not scary, just fun.

The whole point of music is to have fun, and that’s what we’ll do — if it’s not fun, I’m not doing a good job as a teacher.

To give you some background, here are some quick facts about me:

  • Guitarist since 2002
  • Self-taught (with some occasional help)
  • Because I taught myself, I know what I missed by not having lessons
  • Songwriter since 2005

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