The Successful Part-Time Musician

The Successful Part-Time Musician

Make more music.

Stay motivated.

Be a successful musician.

I’m living proof you can do it.

I want to help you make more music and make better music.

That’s why I started this blog and put together this extra content I’m calling The Successful Part-Time Musician course.

First, let me give you a bit of backstory…

I’ve been making music on the side for 10+ years. I’ve released 60+ songs across a bunch of EPs, albums, and singles.

I’ve landed sync licensing deals, played hundreds of shows, and my songs have been played on the radio many times.

And I’ve also thought about giving it all up.

In 2013, I took a break from music for a good 2-3 years. I wasn’t playing shows, I wasn’t recording music, I was barely even writing songs.

And during those few years, I asked myself…

“Should I quit being a musician?”

“Is this whole music thing worth it if it’s not gonna be full-time?”

“Am I even good enough to really make it?”

But it turns out I was asking the wrong questions.

I was putting the industry’s definition of “success” on a pedestal it didn’t deserve. I realized the idea of “making it” was all a sham.

It took me years to figure out what I now know, thanks to a lot of trial-and-error. Years spending time, energy, and money going after success the wrong way.

And now I’m a successful musician, even though it’s not my full-time career.

To show you how this can work for you, here’s what I’ve done since 2016 after I had this realization:

  • Filmed and released a 6-song video album
  • Released an 11-song album (including the instrumental version)
  • Released an 11-song commentary album
  • Oversaw and contributed to a 5-song remix EP
  • Put out 6 singles
  • Composed 2 instrumental songs for TV/film
  • Released 8 instrumental songs under my beat-music side project
  • Put out a Christmas cover song (which was sync’d with a promo video)
  • Played dozens of concerts, both solo and with the band I started
  • Recorded and released a 13-song album

I don’t say this to brag, I say it to show you this approach to being a musician works.

Now I spend 2-3 hours every day making music. I’m in control of my success. And I’m not losing my freakin’ mind from discouragement.

There’s a new way to do this — a new way to be a musician with a day job.

And I want to show you what I’ve learned.

So who is this course for?

This course is perfect for any musician who:

  • Feels like they don’t have time to make music
  • Is discouraged their music career doesn’t seem to be going anywhere
  • Wants to just give up on their dream of being a musician
  • Gets worried their music just isn’t good enough to share

It’s perfect for musicians like this guy, a very talented singer-songwriter:

“Caleb organizes and articulates ideas I think are part of the common experience for a musician. I love the subjectivity of success that he discusses — it’s important to get outside the ‘get famous or not’ polarity that we’re spoonfed.”

Jason Gamble, singer-songwriter/musician

Singer-songwriter Kathleen Pierard said it helped boost her motivation…

And here are what readers of this blog think of the content I create on the regular:

Awesome tips. Thank you.” – Kate

“This is definitely going to help me out in writing my next song! Very helpful post, Caleb!” – Pragya

“Thanks for putting this up! All good advice for a 62-year-old returning musician/songwriter.” – blogger named d5songhouse

“Wow! Thanks for sharing these great tips. I never knew some of this stuff and I’ve self-recorded two albums with my acoustic! I can’t wait to get in my studio again using these awesome tips.” – Anitra

“That’s a really informative article. Thank you for the insight!” – Silviya

Great article. Your suggestions would work for a lot of people who have a dream of doing something other than their day job.” – Teri

What will you learn from this course?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Write, record, and release music from home on a regular basis
  • Manage the little time you have
  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Make some money
  • Find value in being musician on the side
  • Not lose your everlovin’ mind

And here are the section titles of the course:

  1. I’m Just Some Musician You Found On The Internet
  2. Re-defining Success
  3. The One-Thing-A-Day Chart (click here for a FREE download)
  4. Some Tips For Time Management
  5. Songwriting In Between Life
  6. My Recycling Center (Stolen Song Ideas)
  7. Recording Music With No Time, Space, Or Money
  8. Business-y Stuff (It’s Not That Scary)
  9. Releasing Music Without Being Annoying
  10. How I Make Money As A Musician (And How You Can Too)
  11. What My Typical Day Looks Like
  12. What Now?
  13. Bonus Stuff (cheat sheets, email templates, and a bunch of other resources)

Ready to succeed as a part-time musician?

I’m gonna be honest: it’s not easy being a part-time musician. I know first-hand.

It takes persistence, a true passion for music, and a willingness to sit your butt down and make some music, even when you don’t feel super inspired.

But here’s the thing: if you want to be a successful part-time musician, you totally can.

If you use the information and inspiration I offer in this course, I know you can do it.

Plus, I’ll be there right alongside you (if you’d like). I’ll be an email away. Questions, guidance, anything you need to help you get the most out of the course. Just get in touch.

I really want you to make music you’re proud of. I want you to build a music career you’re happy with, even if it never becomes your full-time gig.

I honestly do. I wouldn’t have started this blog or created this course if I didn’t!

So let’s work together to get you where you want to be.

Who am I?

My name is Caleb. I make music in Austin, Tx., I have two little kids, and I’m what you’d call a “studio rat.” I’ve also written for CD Baby, Bandzoogle, Sonicbids, and a bunch of other cool places.

I put together this course because I know so many part-time musicians who are super talented, but they don’t seem to be happy with where their music is. They don’t write and record as much as they want to. They get discouraged because it’s hard to make money as a musician. I see them struggling.

So my goal with this course is to help fellow indie musicians do what they love more and realize how they can be successful.

Caleb J. Murphy


What kind of content is this?

Right now, it’s all written (not including the GIFs/photos). This makes it more easily digestible for you and much easier for me to update, which I will be doing as time goes on.

I am, however, working on getting some video content into the course (stay tuned for that).

How long does the course take?

I know you probably don’t have a ton of time, so this course isn’t going to take you weeks to get through. But if you read at a normal speed and do the “homework assignments” at the end of each section, it may take you a few hours total.

I want to be a full-time musician someday. Can I still take this course?

Totally! If your career goal is to be a full-timer, I want to help you get there. Think of this course as the first step in that direction.

Can I access it at anytime?

Yep. After you sign up, you’ll get an invitation to the Google Drive folder within 48 hours. In that folder is everything you need — the course content and bonus materials.

You got any sort of money-back guarantee?

I believe you’ll find this stuff helpful. But…if you really don’t find anything useful in this course, I’ll give you your money back. 🙂

Can we be done with these questions now?

Sure, you’re free to go.