The Successful Part-Time Musician Course

The Successful Part-Time Musician

What’s this course all about?

Tell me if you can relate to this…

You finish up a long day of work, or school, or taking care of kids and you want to make music.

But you have a problem.

You don’t have time. Or you’re not sure where to start. Or you feel like you don’t have enough money.

Or maybe you’ve hit the ever-so-common wall of crippling self-doubt.

In this course, I talk about how to face these problems head-on.

I know these problems first-hand because I’m a part-time musician and I have been since 2009.

And I want to help you succeed.

What musicians think of the course:

“Caleb organizes and articulates ideas I think are part of the common experience for a musician. I love the subjectivity of success that he discusses — it’s important to get outside the ‘get famous or not’ polarity that we’re spoonfed.”

Jason Gamble, musician

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Feedback from readers of the blog:

Awesome tips. Thank you.” – Kate

“This is definitely going to help me out in writing my next song! Very helpful post, Caleb!” – Pragya

“Thanks for putting this up! All good advice for a 62-year-old returning musician/songwriter.” – blogger named d5songhouse

“Wow! Thanks for sharing these great tips. I never knew some of this stuff and I’ve self-recorded two albums with my acoustic! I can’t wait to get in my studio again using these awesome tips.” – Anitra

“That’s a really informative article. Thank you for the insight!” – Silviya

Great article. Your suggestions would work for a lot of people who have a dream of doing something other than their day job.” – Teri

Course table of contents:

  1. Introductions
  2. Defining Success
  3. How To Stay Focused And Not Waste Time
  4. Songwriting In Between Life (Tips & Tools)
  5. How To Record Good Music With Not Much Time Or Money
  6. Business-y Stuff (It’s Not That Scary)
  7. How To Release Music Like The Pros
  8. Bonus Stuff (email/doc/spreadsheet templates)

Ready to get started?