How To Find A Music Mentor

Sometimes, the internet just doesn’t have the answer.

It can’t answer specific questions about your music career. The internet is now an ocean of general tips and solutions.

So what are you supposed to do? Waste time stumbling around in the dark until you figure it out?

I mean, you could do that. But that sounds miserable.

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What Songwriters Can Learn From Annoying Pop Music

Is pop music getting more annoying?

Your answer to this question may be a resounding, non-hesitating, “Yes!” And I’m with you. Pop music nowadays can be really repetitive, uninteresting, and just irritating.

But even though it feels like pop music is more annoying than it used to be, is that actually true? And can the rest of us learn something from pop music?

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Why You Should Make Terrible Music

Yes, I’m saying we musicians should make crappy music.

Let me explain.

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Does Weed Help You Make Better Music?

You’ve heard the theory: “Smoking weed helps you make better music.”

But is there any validity to that? Is it just a theory, or can we call it a fact? Continue reading