Sometimes, the internet just doesn’t have the answer.

It can’t answer specific questions about your music career. The internet is now an ocean of general tips and solutions.

So what are you supposed to do? Waste time stumbling around in the dark until you figure it out?

I mean, you could do that. But that sounds miserable.

Here’s a more efficient idea: get a personal music mentor for yourself.

What Does A Music Mentor Do?

music mentor
There’s definitely some mentoring going on here

If I compiled all the emails and texts I’ve sent people asking for advice or feedback, I’d have a book of responses. Literally.

Whenever I have a question, I think about who I know who knows the answer. Then I send them a message.

Sometimes I feel like I’m annoying people when I ask for their advice. But I have to remember they probably love sharing what they know.

These people have sort of become unofficial mentors to me.

They encourage me. They point out how I could improve. They answer my specific questions the internet can’t answer.

A mentor is someone who’s in your corner. They’re like a boxing coach. Whenever you get bloodied and bruised, you can go to them for encouragement and redirection.

I would not be where I am as a musician without the help I’ve gotten from my in-person and online mentors (even if their titles are unofficial).

Why You Should Consider Having A Music Mentor

music mentor
“How many times have I told you: bring me Cool Ranch Doritos, not the Nacho Cheese ones!” – guy on the right

We all want to get better, faster. Of course we do. Every one of us wants to be great at our craft.

But it all starts with your willingness to learn and accept feedback. Once you’re able to do that, you’re ready for a mentor.

A mentor can provide you with an objective viewpoint, whether it’s on your songwriting, your latest mix, or reliable tips for making money as a musician.

And the best thing is, their answer is specific to you.

It’s like getting fitted for a suit — it only fits your body and you wouldn’t be able to find it just hanging on a rack. That’s a mentor — your personal tailor, but for your music career.

If you partner with someone who’s where you want to be someday, you’ll get to where you want to go much more quickly.

Where To Find A Music Mentor

music mentor
Now here’s some real mentorship happening

The only (and biggest) problem with me having unofficial mentors (i.e. acquantences and friends of whom I ask questions) is that they’re not as available as I need them to be.

They’re not gung-ho about my career like I am. And I don’t blame them.

I haven’t officially partnered with them as my career mentors. They don’t even know I’m calling them “my unofficial mentors.”

And because of this setup, they take a while to get back to my emails, if at all.

They don’t check in on me to see how my music is going.

They’re not intentional about being in my corner.

This is exactly why it’s a great idea to team up with a real mentor. Someone who will actively be trying to help you succeed as a musician.

But where can you find these types of helpers?

You know, that’s a fantastic question. I’m so glad you asked that completely of your own volition without any leading from me, the person writing this.

FREE Mentorship With The Successful Part-Time Musician Course

The Successful Part-Time Musician

First, I offer free mentorship if you enroll in The Successful Part-Time Musician course. This course includes everything I’ve learned about doing music on the side.

If you feel like you don’t have time to make music, take 5 minutes to check out this course.

If you’re discouraged as a musician, I think the intro alone will encourage you.

If you want to make better music, I feel your pain.

Jason Gamble, singer-songwriter/musician, was super happy with the course.

“Caleb organizes and articulates ideas I think are part of the common experience for a musician,” he told me. “I love the subjectivity of success that he discusses — it’s important to get outside the ‘get famous or not’ polarity that we’re spoonfed.”

You can check it out here.

Soundfly’s Mentor-Guided Programs

music mentor

Secondly, I teamed up with an awesome company called Soundfly. They’re all about helping musicians succeed.

They have a super helpful blog, free courses, and mentor-guided programs.

The two courses I’d like to highlight are The New Songwriter’s Workshop and Songwriting For Producers.

Sasha G, an indie musician, told her mentor how helpful The New Songwriter’s Workshop was.

“I got more out of one course with you, than I did enrolling in a Bachelor of Music (which I subsequently quit due to being disappointed at their curriculum!)”

Well, sign me up.

Oh…and they’re offering Musician With A Day Job readers a generous discount of 15% OFF.

You can check out their courses here (discount code: MWADJ15).

To sum up: a personal music mentor > general tips from the internet.

Stay motivated, manage your time, and move toward your picture of success — grab the One-Thing-A-Day chart for FREE…

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