Every once in a while, I come across an audio plugin that changes things for me. First it was Addictive Drums 2, then Addictive Keys, and now Regroover Pro.

I got to test out the latter plugin. And here’s my review of it.

Here’s what’s in this post:

Why Do A Regroover Review?

Regroover Pro Review

My rule for this blog is anything that inspires me, encourages me, or in any way helps me as a musician (especially as a part-timer), I pass along to anyone reading.

And Regroover Pro from Accusonus is totally worth passing along.

Full disclosure: Accusonus gave me Regroover Pro in exchange for writing an honest review. Other than that, they’re not paying me and I’m not using affiliate links.

It was like this:

Them: Hey, if we give you this cool plugin, will you review it for your readers?

Me: Sure! But I have to be completely honest in my review. Is that okay with y’all at Accusonus?

Them: Of course!

So this is sort of a crash-course Regroover tutorial and a no-BS review.

What Is Regroover?

Regroover Pro

Regroover is an audio plugin that splits a drum loop into separate stems, each stem a different part of the drums.

So, for example, it will take a drum loop and separate all the different parts of the drum kit into their own manipulatable samples. Snare, kick, high-hat — all separate from each other and playable on your MIDI controller.

Then you can make your own beats and custom kit with those extracted stems.

For this Regroover Pro review, I gave it a test run. And this is what I found…

How To Use Regroover

After you get the Regroover Pro free download, you can try it out for a bit until you’ll have to buy a license (more on the cost below).

I had some trouble getting the software to show up in Reaper (my favorite DAW), but that may have been my fault.

A super nice fellow named Loannis from Accusonus gave me these tips/directions for the download process (I’m on a Windows PC):

  • It’s important to temporarily disable any firewall/antivirus before downloading (some of the activation files are encrypted and might get blocked during installation which will cause problems)
  • Use the default install path
  • Regroover will be saved here: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\Accusonus
  • To add Regroover to your DAW (at least for Reaper), use this path: Options > Preferences > Plugins/VST > Edit > Add
  • Click “Clear cache/re-scan” after adding the new path

Once you’ve got Regroover added to your DAW, you just add it as a new virtual instrument in your session.

This is what it looks like for me:

Regroover Pro Review

Regroover Pro Review

Once you get it added, open it up and hit “Load clip.” This is when you choose what drum loop you want to split up.

Regroover Pro Review

Regroover then analyzes your loop and starts working on dissecting the different parts.

Sometimes this process takes a few minutes to complete. There were a couple times that it loaded for a very long time in the analyzing stage, so I ended up closing out of Reaper, reopening it, and trying again.

This could’ve been my computer and/or the fact that I had browser windows open while it was analyzing the audio.

Regroover Pro Review

Once it’s done analyzing the audio, it will show you each part of the drum kit in separate tracks.

Regroover Pro Review

Then you can set the Layer markers to isolate a section of a stem. Just move the blue arrows on the left and right of each track to choose the starting and ending points for your desired sample.

Like this (video via Accusonus):

Then just click and drag your mouse over your selected section (or double click within the section) and drag-and-drop that sample down to your Expansion Kit in the bottom-right corner

This allows you to use your MIDI controller to make your own beat (here’s the controller I use).

Before you start jamming out, make sure the “Host” button is unselected and make sure both modes in the Settings are set to “Trigger.” Otherwise it will just loop each stem over and over each time you try to play a piece of the kit.

Regroover Pro Review

Then from there, you can start making sick beats. On top of controlling each layer’s volume, you can add effects, like EQ, compression, and saturation.

Regroover Pro Review Regroover Pro Review

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The Song I Made With Regroover Pro

I made a thing with this software 1) because it’s fun and 2) I wanted to show you what this program can do.

Here’s the drum loop I started with (I got this from LANDR’s free sample library):

And here’s the song I made after running that loop through Regroover:

Regroover Pros And Cons

Alright, now for the good and the bad of Regroover.


  • This technology is amazing
  • Get a free download to test it out (must buy a license though)
  • Their customer service is top-notch — maybe it was just because I was reviewing this for them, but they were very helpful and seem like generally cool people


  • Regroover Pro is expensive (see below)
  • Can take a bit to get used to the interface and the ins and outs of how the plugin works

Regroover Cost

Regroover Pro (what I used for this review) is a whopping $219 for a license, which most part-timers like you and I don’t have.

But Regroover Essential is only $99, which I think is definitely more reasonable. Maybe not as many features, but you still get the amazing loop-splitting software.

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Regroover Essential vs Pro

I didn’t test Regroover Essential, but according to Accusonus, it allows you to unmix drum loops, add effects, use the expansion kit, and rearrange and trigger loops.

Regroover Pro gives you those features plus extra effects, access to the Editors tab, multi-output routing, and a bunch of other stuff. The big thing Pro offers that Essential doesn’t is the drag-and-drop feature — not having that could be pretty annoying.

Tell you what, here’s a nifty table Accusonus put together to show you what each includes:

Final Word

So after testing this plugin and making a song with it, I highly recommend it.

And remember, I’m under no obligation to say good things about it. I’m not getting paid. I don’t have any Accusonus affiliate links. You can buy it or not — it doesn’t affect me.

They just gave me the plugin and said, “Tell us what you honestly think.”

And honestly, I’ll definitely be using this to make chill beats for my instrumental-beat-music side project.

This plugin is just dope. ‘Nuff said.

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