A smart man once said that today is good enough for us. And I agree.

In other words, we shouldn’t get stuck in the past. We can’t live tomorrow today. All we can do is live today today.

All we have right now is right now.

If you or I get hung up on all of the things we haven’t done as musicians, all of the things we think we should be doing, or the things we think we’ll never get to do, we’ll only go backward.

We’ll find ourselves doing music less and less.

The wave of discouragement and self-doubt will wash away our passion for music, and us in the process.

That’s why, especially as part-time musicians, we should only focus on today. Do one thing today (or tonight) that will move you toward your success, even if it’s a baby step.

Remind yourself of the big picture. Where are you headed? How far have you come? How can you better enjoy making music?

I’d suggest literally writing these things down. I use something called the One-Thing-A-Day Chart (part of this course). And, man, it really keeps me focused and driven and encouraged.

It helps me do music every day. And it re-focuses me on what I can do today — not tomorrow, not yesterday.

Just today. 

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