Have you seen these ads for speed songwriting?

Facebook and Instagram feed them to me all the time. And I don’t like them.

I guess that’s kind of harsh, but I just think there’s a better way to write songs.

Instead of trying to write as fast as you can, why not write in smaller bites that each have more substance?

Forget speed songwriting. Why not focus on intentional songwriting?

Speed Songwriting vs. Intentional Songwriting

The idea behind speed songwriting is to write a lot of material (like an entire song) really fast. But just because you did something really fast doesn’t mean it’s good or that you’re a good songwriter.

Instead, I prefer to focus on intentional songwriting.

Here’s the difference between the two:

With speed songwriting, there’s this expectation that you have to write a complete, finished song super fast.

Intentional songwriting is when you write something (any part of a song, a lot or a little) with 100% focus on that song.

No noodling on your guitar. No overthinking. No jamming on your instrument. Just you and the song.

Instead of spending 10 minutes trying to cram in an entire song, spend that time completely focused on finishing just one bit of the song.

Spend those few minutes outlining the song, coming up with the hook melody, or nailing down a cool chord progression.

Give absolute focus to the pen and paper (or Evernote, if you’re like me).

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Just do something productive, something that moves the song forward, even if it feels like it’s not much.

One little thing at a time eventually makes a big thing. In this case, a completed song.

If you’re like me and you have other daily responsibilities (like a day job or a family), time is precious.

That’s why I like intentional songwriting — because it allows me to be productive in the little time I have in a day without feeling the stress of completing a song in one sitting.

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