The short version: this is possibly the nicest mic I’ve worked with (sorry, AT2035). Bluebird MicrophoneNow for the slightly longer review.

This beauty captures clear and crisp sounds that will make your voice or instrument sound as pretty as a, well, bluebird.

It’s got a 100Hz high-pass filter and a -20dB pad for even more control over your audio recordings. The pickup pattern is cardioid, a pretty standard front-of-the-mic recording pattern. Perfect for vocals.

I used it on most of the vocals for my upcoming album. I recorded acoustic guitar with it. I even recorded piano with it.

It’s a versatile son-of-a-beast.

This thing will set you back over $300, but I would say if you have the buck, you’ll get some nice bang. To be clear, I don’t own this mic (are you kidding? I don’t have that kind of money) — I borrowed it from a friend for a while (thanks, Dom).

So if you want an outstanding mic and have a freer budget, I highly recommend the Bluebird.

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