If you want to learn guitar, you don’t have to have to hire an expensive guitar teacher for in-person lessons. Heck, I learned from the internet.

Guitar lessons
Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec

So if you’re looking for an alternative route to learning guitar, here are three ways you might not have expected.

Online Lessons

Even if you’re aging and not great with technology, taking lessons online is still totally doable. It’s simple and it’s a nice alternative to traveling to your guitar teacher’s house or place of business.

I teach guitar online (and in-person) through Musika Lessons, but you can also take lessons over Skype, Google Hangouts, or any video calling program.

Think about it, both the teacher and the student can do this from the comfort of their own beds.

From Websites

This is the main way I learned guitar. I would Google “Jack Johnson chords,” pick a song, and play the chords along with the CD.

But learning this way definitely has its downsides — like not having a teacher to tell you what you’re doing wrong and how you can play better and learn quicker.

I could’ve become the guitar player I am today a decade ago if I’d had a good teacher.

Guitar Tutorials

Video guitar tutorials can be super helpful, and there are thousands of them on YouTube. This is how a lot of people master the guitar.

But keep in mind, it’s not personal and the lessons aren’t customized to you. Usually, they’re teaching you a generic chord progression or riff, not a song you like and want to play.

Good for some people, not for everyone though.

No matter what way you choose to learn guitar, make sure you have fun with it. That’s the whole point after all.

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