Everyone and their mom has a podcast these days. Even I have one.

Image via Midi Lifestyle

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts filling the internet at the moment, leaving few subjects untouched.

Unfortunately, most of these podcasts fade out of popularity.

This happens because the podcaster has a great new idea, and tries to start a podcast, but isn’t great at growing it.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the process of successfully starting a podcast, pulling from my own experience.

I’ll talk about what gear you should have, provide tips on audio editing, and show you how to get the word out…

  1. The Golden Tip: Avoid Analysis Paralysis
  2. The Gear And Software You will Need
  3. The General Workflow
  4. Useful Software For Podcasters
  5. 6 Audio Editing Tips That Will Make your Podcast Sound More Professional
  6. Promoting Your Podcast
  7. Further Resources
  8. Conclusion

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