I once played a gig with an attendance of about 100 people. Doesn’t sound bad, but 99% of the people seemed like they didn’t care.

Live music
Sometimes concert attendance will feel like this

You see, me and my band were the musical entertainment before a non-music event. So the people weren’t there to see us.

It felt like the seats were empty because, after each song, nobody clapped. It was so weird and awkward.

Just silence.

Actually, I shouldn’t say nobody clapped — the soundman did.

He was the 1% that actually mattered.

And that 1% is what I should’ve been concerned about the whole time. Every concert I play should be for the 1%.

Let me explain: the 1% are the people that actually care. The people that honestly enjoy your music.

Even if it’s just one person out of a hundred, the concert will have been worth entertaining that individual.

I’ll perform through awkward silences if it means only one person enjoyed it. It’s all about connecting with one person at a time.

And it turned out that this soundman wanted me to play for some festivals that he runs. So the event ended on a high note.

You never know who’s listening, so play each show for the 1% — for that one person who cares.

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