Recording can be an arduous and frustrating process. And Paul McCartney knows this.

Recording musician
Paul McCartney (photo via Beatles Music History)

McCartney recorded The Beatles’ “Blackbird” all by himself — just him, a guitar, and an engineer at the controls in Abbey Road’s studio two.

Having an engineer surely made it easier on McCartney, but a lot of indie musicians don’t have that luxury.

Often, you’ll be in your bedroom or basement managing the controls while also trying to focus on playing your instrument.

This can make things even more frustrating.

But there’s one thing we can learn from McCartney’s recording session of “Blackbird.”

You see, he recorded 32 takes of the song, 11 of which were complete from beginning to end.

Thirty-two takes. That’s so many, even in today’s digital music world.

The point is, take your time in the studio. If you have to record two takes, 32 takes, or 72 takes before you get the right one, do it.

Because you know what … McCartney’s last take of “Blackbird” is the one that made the official recording.

Record one more take. It’ll be worth it. 

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