Without audio plugins, your potential as a digital musician is very limited.

Audio plugins
image via Logic Pro Expert

Make no mistake, you can still make kick-butt music with a reliable DAW and a MIDI controller and no plugins.

But audio plugins can take your game to the major leagues. For that very reason, I’m going to talk about the 9 audio plugins that should be on your digital producer’s tool belt.

Addictive Drums

XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums is one of the best drum plugins, at a reasonable price too.

Using this MIDI tool, you can drag and drop every little snare hit and cymbal crash, honing the beat to be exactly what you want with ease. You can choose pre-EQ’d drum kits with the ability to manually EQ each piece of the kit and add effects like reverb and echo.

While writing this article, Addictive Drums is on its second iteration, which includes a bunch of improvements from the first version.

iZotope Ozone

If you’ve never mastered your music or you’re new to it, iZotope Ozone is a plugin worth checking out. You want your music to sound professional, and mastering is a critical step in that process.

If you can master your music yourself, great. If not, this plugin can give you a polished sound with presets for nearly any type of genre or instrument. Presets are a beginner’s best friend — it’s a good idea to start with presets and tweak from there, making the mix specific to your song.

Right now, iZotope Ozone is on its seventh iteration, so you know it’s made leaps of improvement since the original version.

To read my full article, you can check it out on Tunedly.

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