Say what you will about Taylor Swift, but her songwriting skills are sick.

Taylor Swift (photo via Toplife)

She’s won the big songwriting awards, like the Nashville Songwriters Association International Award for Songwriter/Artist of the Year seven times and the Hal David Starlight Award from the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

I think she deserves every songwriter’s ear.

In an interview with The Boot, she offers one of the best pieces of songwriting advice I’ve heard.

“My advice to first-time songwriters would be you know the person you are writing the songs about,” she says. “First know that. Then write a letter to them, what you would say if you could.”

The reason I love this songwriting tip is because I have trouble with focus in my songs. Writing a letter would combat lack of focus.

Try this: write a letter to someone. Then turn that letter into a song.

Who knew Taylor Swift could teach you something useful…

A great app that I use exclusively for songwriting is EvernoteAnd you can use my referral link to get a free month of a Premium account (although the Free account is awesome too).

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