Andrew Bird said his first solo gig was an accident. Fortunately for us, we can learn from this.

Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird (photo via Philadelphia Magazine)

Bird was in a band called Bowl of Fire, which had a nice run, but he disbanded it in 2003. In an interview with the Cleveland Scene, Bird talked about this first concert on his own.

“The first show I did solo was totally accidental,” he said. “It was only because I couldn’t get the band together, and I didn’t want to give up the gig.”

He had been experimenting with looping his instruments, but he wasn’t sure if looping would work at a live show.

“I thought no one would buy it,” he said of the looping. “Something about that high wire act and trying to do that on stage turned it into a different performance experience. Having to pull out of nosedives on stage and talk your way out of it was risking more.”

With this first gig, he took a chance. He improvised.

And it paid off for him.

“A couple of years into the solo thing, people were showing up more than I ever expected,” he said. “There was an initial insecurity, but after that I enjoyed packing up my Honda Element with amps and doing it all myself.”

When you’re faced with something outside of your norm, outside of your comfort zone, try improvising. Try taking a chance.

It just might pay off for you.

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