Let me be self-deprecating for a moment — the quality of my home recordings (all made from various bedrooms and basements) really stink.

Home recording studio
One of my many recording setups

I mean, I’m happy with the music I’ve made. But sometimes the engineering could use some work.

So hopefully, these three home recording tips will help you avoid going through the whole trial-and-error experience like I did.

1) Tuning

It’s simple, but tuning is crucial. Case in point, my song “Let’s Get On A Boat.” The G string on my acoustic guitar is ever so flat. Bugs me every time I listen to it.

2) Production

When I recorded “Burning Like Chicago,” there was no cello in it. Can you imagine how boring the song would be without it? Fortunately, my friend and the guy who mixed/mastered the album, John Behrens, has a fantastic ear. He told me “something’s missing.”

3) Performance

On the song “Trust In Your Brother,” I’m singing slightly ahead of the beat, which makes this song non-listenable for me.

I’ve made mental notes of these three shortcomings in hopes that I can improve my engineering skills.

You should do the same.

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