You can’t really record music nowadays without an audio interface.

Best audio interfaces
photo via Pro Tools Production

Look at any professional recording studio and you’ll see multiple interfaces.

Interfaces make recording-life possible.

I use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 — I’ve recorded almost all of my music using it. It works great!

But after doing a bunch of research for AudioRumble, here are 6 of the best audio interfaces for DIY musicians (click the pictures for more info)…

PreSonus FireStudio MobileBest audio interfaces

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Best audio interfaces


Best audio interfaces

Zoom TAC-8

Best audio interfaces

RME Fireface UC

Best audio interfaces

AudioBox iTwo 2×2

Best audio interfaces

To read my full review, visit AudioRumble. Disclaimer: I haven’t used any of these interfaces myself. I researched each one using customer reviews and what the devices offer/don’t offer.

2 thoughts on “6 Of The Best Audio Interfaces For DIY Musicians

  1. All good choices!

    I am using a Steinberg UR12 for my own recordings. Perhaps, I’ll “upgrade” to one with more inputs/outputs, so I don’t have to keep switching out all my guitars (and I can finally buy more microphones).

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