Several years ago, I played a little concert with fellow songwriter and musician Owen Pye. He and his wife slept at my mom’s house.

Also several years ago, I got to ask him some questions via email. Check out our Q&A below…

Owen Pye
Owen Pye (via Facebook)

What was your worst experience performing at a show?

Do I have to pick just one? lol. JK. Probably Easter 2008, San Antonio. I was starting to catch a cold and bought some drowsy medicine. Took the normal dose and then some. I didn’t realize it, but after the pulling over and sleeping for hours in the middle of the day, I put it together.

Upon waking, I went to the venue, which I saw had been boarded up and shut down weeks before. The promoter just forgot to tell me. So I finished my nap in the parking lot and scrambled on to the next city. All the while wondering why I was wasting Easter in this fashion.

What topics do you think are most prevalent in your songs? Why do you think this is?

My walk with God and with my wife. These two things affect every part of me, so they are quite inseparable.

What’s in your refrigerator?

Milk, carrots, salad, Pabst Blue Ribbon (a brand of beer) among other things.


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