I’m a music hoarder, if that’s actually a thing. I love, love discovering new music.

Music and the brain
*not an accurate depiction of me

Finding and supporting independent artists gives me a rush. I dig through piles of mediocre music to get to the stuff I can’t stop playing.

And here are four of the websites (or apps) I use to discover new music.


Instagram (image via Adweek)

In the world of music discovery, Instagram is the surprise player — the underdog.

But thanks to hashtags, we now have even more unknown but amazing artists to find. Like James Beau Barclay — I found him through the #originalmusic hashtag. Other good ones are #singersongwriter and #acousticpeople.



I know you’re supposed to save the best for last, but I’m too excited about this one.

Bandcamp is where you can discover music that the artists have uploaded themselves and sell on their own terms. The platform is simple, which makes it easy to find great music.

And there’s a lot of it on this website. Check out my Bandcamp Collection and Wishlist to see what music I’ve discovered.

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You knew this one would be on the list. It’s an app that has changed the music industry, for better or for worse.

You can find pretty much any artist or song here, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. You can easily save artists you like and make your own playlists (perfect for curating party music).

Despite the controversy surrounding Spotify, it’s a great place to find new music.

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Pandora (photo via TechCrunch)

Pandora isn’t as customizable as Bandcamp or Spotify — there’s no way to listen only to music you’ve liked/bookmarked. But it’s unique in that it delivers only music you love (as a part of the Music Genome Project).

Like, that time I kept hearing this one song on my Pandora stations. Eventually, I jotted down the artist’s name and the name of the song.

It turned out to be Gregory Alan Isakov’s “The Stable Song.” Because of Pandora, Isakov gained a new fan.

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