Your co-worker is yapping on the phone. The printer by your desk keeps running. People are chatting nearby.

These are all things that can distract you from getting work done. Would it hurt to slip your earbuds in and turn up your favorite music?

Not only would it not hurt, but it could also help you be a better employee.

Here’s a post you’ll want to show your boss…

music at work

According to a New York Times article from 2012, listening to music at work can increase your productivity and helps your stress levels. Hearing music makes your brain release dopamine, which would happen if you were to eat your favorite dessert.

Basically, dopamine keeps you emotionally steady.

In one scientific study with IT agents, those who listened to music while working finished their tasks quicker and had better ideas than those who worked without music.

The music improved how they felt, so they performed bette

“When you’re stressed, you might make a decision more hastily; you have a very narrow focus of attention,” says Teresa Lesiuk, who’s a professor in the music therapy program at the University of Miami and the one who ran the study.

“When you’re in a positive mood, you’re able to take in more options.”

It’s easy for me to focus on the stresses of life, especially at work. But music helps realign my focus. It brings me back to the present.

A Mayo Clinic doctor quoted in the Times article says all we need is 15-30 minutes of music for it to have positive effects on our concentration at work. And he said music without lyrics is the better option.

Suggestions for instrumental music for work:

Listening to music “breaks you out of just thinking one way,” said Lesiuk.

It’s time to break the bonds of work lethargy. Stick your earbuds in. Turn on your blue tooth speaker. Just start listening.

It’s time to get productive with the power of music. 

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