Let’s play a game that involves this picture of Tom Cruise. A game that will prove music can change how you see his face.

music and the brain

You’ll notice Tom’s face is completely neutral. This is his normal “I’m so cool, I can play the same character in every movie and people still love me” face.

But in this game, your mind will play tricks on you.

Here’s how to play: stare at Tom’s face while listening to the below selection of songs, one song at a time. Notice how your perspective of his face and what he’s feeling changes.

Let’s go…

This song makes it look as if Tom is smiling, like he’s just fallen in love with you and he’s staring deeply into your eyes.

This one makes you feel like Tom has just decided to go on his 17th impossible mission. He’s going to hunt down the bad guy no matter what it takes or who’s in his way.

This song will make you feel as if a single tear will roll down Tom’s cheek, like his girl just left him or died or something. This would be a scene toward the end of one of his movies.

So weird, right? As best-selling author Georgia Cates said, “Music is what feelings sound like out loud.”

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