Gideon Conn (photo from Bandcamp)
Gideon Conn (photo from Bandcamp)

It’s been a while. But, not to worry, another installment of Music In My Earholes is here.

I’ve been listening to a ton of music since the last edition, so it was hard to choose the albums for this post (there will be a Singer-Songwriter edition next).

But here it goes…


ProleteR takes old music — often jazz -swing from the 1920s — and puts sick beats and his own bass lines to it. Guaranteed to feel cool while listening to his tunes.

You can hear his music in my podcast, Musicateur.


Something about this song puts me at ease. Sit down and take a listen and see what you feel.

You can also hear his music in my podcast.


Imagine “Singing In The Rain” but with a beat. That’s P.SUS.

Gideon Conn

You wouldn’t think a British singer-songwriter and artist would put out a hip-hop album. But this one did, and it’s a lot of fun. Conn’s song, “Sweet Music,” ended up being the theme song for Musicateur.

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