Apple recently patented a technology that would disable phones from taking video at concerts. A sensor placed on the stage would send out infrared signals with special coding that, when it crosses paths with a mobile phone, would disarm the video feature.


I see two big problems with using this technology.

Video matters

Viral content is almost always video; just look at OK Go or Beyoncé (I’m following her lead and putting out a video album, one video at a time).

And fans take video because they love the artist, and they want to capture those memories and share them with friends.

Which takes me to the second big problem with Apple’s idea.

Artists could lose fans

If a band places one of these sensors on stage when they start their concert, fans will quickly be disgruntled when the video on their phones doesn’t work. The Twittersphere would blow up with hashtagged complaints. All because the artist wanted to get people to put down their phones and enjoy the show.

As a musician, I wouldn’t use this technology. If someone is enjoying my music enough that they’d want to capture it on camera forever (or until the grid goes down), I’m cool with that. And as a fan, I would hate it if a band snuck this on stage.

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