It’s true, I’m not a Creative. But I am creative, and so are you. Every person creates.

That’s why I don’t like the phrase, “I’m a Creative.”

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A Creative is not a title that belongs only to a select few. We all can say, “I’m a Creative.” That’s why no one is. We’re human, of course we’re creative. Humans create things.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines creative as, “Having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.

We’re naturally creative beings. Seth Godin, well-established author, touched on this during his talk, Quieting the Lizard Brain.

“What you do for a living,” Godin said at a shipping conference, “Is not ‘be creative’ – everyone is creative. What you do for a living is ship.”

People in shipping or accounting have the same creative gene as those in filmmaking or music-making. There are different levels of creativity and people that exercise their creative muscles on different levels. But we all still got it.

We can create no matter what. That’s why I am not a Creative.


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