It’s true, I’m not a Creative. And neither are you.

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The American Heritage Dictionary defines creative as, “Having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.

It’s an inherent thing you have, not a title you claim. If you’re a human, you have this creative inherency.

Seth Godin, well-established author, touched on this during his talk, Quieting the Lizard Brain.

“What you do for a living,” Godin said at a shipping conference, “Is not ‘be creative’ – everyone is creative. What you do for a living is ship.”

People in shipping or accounting have the same creative hum as those in filmmaking or music-making. There are different levels of creativity and people that exercise their creative muscles on different levels. But we all still got it.

We can create no matter what our profession or hobby is.

That’s why I’m not a Creative — I am creative. And so are you.

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