The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. And as a long-time football watcher and someone who’s a huge Coldplay fan, I’m excited.

But I hear a lot of uproar and criticism around the Super Bowl because it allegedly causes sex trafficking to increase during this time.

Coldplay (via tweet from NFL)

I read an article about this topic, and it quoted Nita Belles, managing director of In Our Backyard and the author of a book by the same name.

“I would not go along with some of the myths that have been floated out there, like that there are tens of thousands of victims brought to the Super Bowl or that it’s the largest human trafficking event,” she said. “I also would not say there is no increase in the number of human trafficking victims being brought into the area.

I would emphasize that human trafficking happens 365 days a year anywhere there is Internet. So it is here already and it does increase during the Super Bowl.”

So we already know trafficking happens. And I definitely believe it increases during the Super Bowl. But I’m often left asking what I can actually do about it.

Well, here are two things Belles says we can all do to help fight it:

  1. Support anti-human trafficking organizations with your wallet (I recommend IJM and A21)
  2. Talk about it

So this is me talking about it. It’s a problem, but we can all do something to help.


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