I’m not trying to be hyperbolic here, but music has enough power to help heal the brain and body. The following anecdote shows that.

Melissa Cote told the story  of when her daughter, Zoey, had a meltdown.

“I was sitting down, getting ready to clean my kitchen and do the things I do when my kids are sleeping,” Melissa wrote. “Then I heard it — screaming and banging. I rushed into Zoey’s room to help her from whatever it was that was bothering her.”

She found Zoey flipping out – screaming and kicking – trying to get her pajamas off. In desperation, Melissa got her phone and played “Lost” by Michael Buble. She writes what happened next.

“As I sat next to her, I sang along to the words. She leaned in next to me, and I was able to quickly kiss her forehead. I took her hand and placed it in mine and just held it. She grasped her hand around my thumb and laid down next to me with her blanket over her head. She’s never done that before.

I sat there with the song on repeat for 10 times. She started to make a sound like she was humming or at least trying to hum the song in her own way. Then she looked up and smiled.”

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Music helps Zoey, as it does for me and for many, many people. Something about it amplifies the coping mechanism in our brains.

“For Zoey, music helps her calm down during a meltdown. She can hear the words and whoever is singing is singing to her. She has her favorites like Michael Bublé, especially when he sings, ‘Baby, you’re not lost.'”


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