Staying within the borders he set up with his first solo work, Jon Foreman created a new collection of EPs, The Wonderlands, and released the first installment May 26.

He placed the 24 songs into four representations: Sunlight, Shadows, Darkness, and Dawn. It’s similar to his other albums, which he labeled as Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Like the cycle of the seasons, he continues with the same topics he’s always written about: our generation, love, death, and living for more than what we see, with an occasional lighter song. Writing like a recycling center is something Foreman welcomes.

“Usually, for me, I write about the same things every time.”

– Jon Foreman

That’s not bad writing, it’s just his process. And this does bother me sometimes – whether it’s his own work, Switchfoot’s, or Fiction Family’s – but what it comes down to is that he’s a talented songwriter.

So I can ignore the critic in me and enjoy it.

Jon Foreman

So below is how I’ve rated this release by Foreman, using my sophisticated music-rating system.

My rating:

o – One of my current favorites

♦ – Worth a listen

o – It was okay

o – Not recommended, but go ahead, it’s a free country

o – Stay away

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