Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately…

Chris Smither

Chris Smither is classic acoustic blues, and this song just makes me feel good. He put a lot of thought, it seems, into his lyrics. I can pick out what his worldview is if I listen long enough.

That voice sticks out among a choir of uniform and forgettable singers. I wish I could sing that low, but it sounds like Smither is hogging most of the low-register-singing skills in the world.

Sufjan Stevens

He’s back, and I still have no idea what most of his lyrics mean. But he has enough relatable lines in there that make the album sing-along-able.

He’s still Sufjan, which I’m glad for. Because I didn’t care for The Age Of Adz – I think he went too deep in the deep end of the pool with that one. Carrie & Lowell is a sort of a swimming back to where most people, including me, like him the best.

Josh Garrels

I love the music he makes. He’s on my “Top Five All-Time Favorite Musicians” list. And Home is a solid next step for him.

Shawn James

I hear a 20-person choir backing this artist (like this performance by Nick Jonas), especially in the above song. Somewhat of a chain-gang feel. I may have to steal something from these guys.

Ben Sollee

It’s difficult to go wrong with Sollee. I mean, who can deny listening to a fellow playing cello and singing at the same time?

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