Let's Get On A BoatI released my newest album a little differently than my others. You can’t stream it, it’s not free, it’s old-fashioned (but the single is free for streaming and download!). To hear the album, you need to buy it (or steal it, which of course you wouldn’t do).

I did it this way for two reasons:

1. To stay loyal to my supporters

I completed this album only with the help of generous donations from some fine people (in exchange for exclusive rewards). To make the album available to stream for free would stab those fine people in their backs, and that’s just a mess.

To say to the backers, “Help me finish this album and I’ll give it to you in advance” and then turn around and say, “Here, everyone else, listen to the album for absolutely free”…that would be terrible for business and terrible for friendships, I think.

2. To try something new

I’ve put all of my past music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and some on Spotify, and it’s all free. I’m so happy with the way these websites have allowed people to discover my music. I really enjoy giving it away — I’d recommend it to every artist.

But for Let’s Get On a Boat, I wanted to test out the anti-free-music theory that some people have. The old way of doing things.

So the experiment is in process. I’ll let you know soon how it’s going…

In the meantime, you can listen to and download the single, Let’s Get On a Boat, for free below and buy the full EP here

2 thoughts on “Why you’re not allowed to stream my album

  1. Hi5 to you for not de-valuing your music. As a music producer/engineer, it’s really frustrating to see music that I’ve invested my heart, soul, time and energy into be given away for “exposure”.

    I know it’s hard to take such a noble stance, but just know you have at least one supporter out there that thinks you’re worth way more than that.

    btw – Your tune “Let’s Get On A Boat” sounds great! Best of luck to you sir!

  2. Thanks, Jimmy. Yeah, I wanted to test it out and see the response. So far, I’m not sure how it compares to letting people stream it for free. I’ll need to sit down and put the numbers side by side.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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