My Stroke Of InsightMy Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey by Jill Bolte Taylor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Don’t be afraid to read this book. Don’t be afraid that you won’t get the science sections, for the beginning of the book is dedicated to explaining basic brain anatomy and physiology. Jill Bolte Taylor makes it very interesting and wrote it with understandable and simple language.

Now, she’s not a writer; she’s a scientist (the irony of Taylor’s stroke is that she studied the brain for a living). Yet she did some solid writing and I stayed interested with her detailed description of what it was like to have a stroke.

She wrote about how she perceived the world and the people around her during and after the stroke. She takes the reader through what she was thinking as she was having the stroke. And because of her science background, she had a completely different view of the stroke as it was happening than I would’ve had if it were to happen to me.

However, toward the end of the book, she began to talk about Nirvana more and more, “one with the earth” type of stuff. And maybe you agree with and live by that, and that’s fine. Don’t get me wrong — it’s interesting to hear her worldview. But it just left a funky taste in my reader’s pallet.

But I recommend that you read this book, and I give it high marks. Easy three stars, maybe four.

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